What attracted you to photography and how did you get started?

I've always been into visuals and finally decided to create my own. I'd have to say that myspace gave me my first bit of experience lol I used to take profile pictures for everyone in the apartments I stayed in. I didn't think much of it until recently but that's probably why I love portrait photography


Do you actively look for inspiration? If so, how do you go about it? If not, how did the inspiration for your favorite images come about?

Can't say I actively look for inspiration but I do  find inspiration daily. I follow so many creative people on my social networks that it's impossible to not be inspired. I find most of my inspiration just from being outside observing other people, and being around my family. but My favorite shots probably just happened through complete randomness lol. When I started out i'd just find someone willing to shoot and roam random locations until I captured enough fire.


What do you want people to feel when they see your images? when they're apart of your images?

I want them to feel like it's not even a picture, like they were there and not me. I like for my pictures to feel like paintings.


What's your next level for you work? what's your endgame?

Next step is getting into more conceptual work. 

The endgame has nothing to do with photography but I want to start a chain of Recreational centers in black communities across the globe. I want black youth to have access to all types of art classes, money management classes, and everything else that can help them with their future; in their own neighborhoods.  


Where are you from? Where are you located? How does your surroundings contribute to your artistic style?

I'm from and located in Long Beach, CA. I would have to say it makes my style more diverse. Not just being from or in Long Beach but being in southern CA in general. You can go from street photography to landscape in a matter of minutes; From snow in the mountains to sand at the beach all within 60 miles lol.


How do you select your subjects/ models? What do you look for in collaborators?

It always starts in my head. Once I get an idea in my head, I plan it all out and find the model(s) that best fit that vision. 

I try to find people that are passionate about whatever it is they're doing, you know? Because they love to do it; not for the likes or the clout. Whether it be modeling, designing, makeup, etc; People that take my time and their time serious. 


Are you solely a full time photographer?  If so, how was the transition from working for someone to being self employed? If not, how have you been balancing your art and your job?

Right now I'm solely a photographer and have been since I got my first camera. I had got laid off from my last job and decided to take a leap of faith and spent all of my money on a camera (which I don't suggest doing lol). I knew I didn't want to work for anyone else ever again so I pretty much had no choice but to grind it out. Very glad I did.


What do you do with your images besides archiving them and sharing them on social media?

That is about it actually lol but I'm figuring out how to get published. Right now I'm working on a series of photo-booklets that will be available for purchase. I also sell prints/canvases.


Do you have any other creative outlet? If so, what are they and how does it fit in with your photography? If not, what other art form would you try if you could and why?

No other outlets like photography. When I get the time I'd like to get into producing/making beats, learn an instrument or two. That's the one thing I wanted to do before photography and sports.