January [25] 2017 - don't wait

I remember our last conversation by heart,
the slurred questions and concerns
from finish to beginning.
Just as backwards as the story
we told in a different future
when there was a probability
of us.

I remember your touch by heart,
it was your hands massaging my toes
that did the most for me.
I felt the woes forming
in the back of my wishful thinking.
Thinking that if I had known sooner
I'd be yours too,
and you wouldn't just be mine. 

I remember the words you wanted to say
even though you didn't,
in the way that you'd fidget
in place of speaking.
Your desire was leaking
from the same place in your mind
you store your what ifs -
instead you reminded me of what is.
but if i'm not too late, don't wait. 
love me while
I remember you by heart.