January [23] 2017 - with a grain of salt

I'd like to say,
with the utmost conviction,
how fitting I am to be
all that you'll ever dream of
for the rest of forever, 
but I never feel
fulfilled enough in love
to be that,
"all you'll ever need, forever"

I shudder under the words
meant to convince you
how true north my love points,
how real my emotions feel
and though even I'll
believe it enough to show you,
I'll never be able to hold you,
unconditionally, if you can't
do the same for me.

I'll only ever be as sure of you
as you allow yourself to be of me,
and I'm only as forever as
the length of time you let yourself love me.
But I still see in shades of possible
and hear in tones of potential
So I'll try to convince you
that my love could play maid,
sweeping you off your feet each day.
But when I stop carrying the weight of our love
on my lonely back because you're
no longer there to warm it,
you'll remember my warning.
Be sure to always do your part or
take my love with a grain of salt.