January [20] 2017 - someone like you

I've looked up past
all the faces positioned in places
adjacent to where my tunnel vision
would have kept me focused,
if I could focus. 

I was hoping that there
would be an open road
on the path that I had chosen
on this path that feels chosen
for me.

I haven't had much of an example
sampled lifestyles like
horderves from platters.
I didn't need silver spoons to scoop up
finger food were fine,
I was just glad I could eat.

Meet me in my present
but don't gawk at my presence
I'm still a little bit of a mess
but I can show you due reverence
because I know that I'd like to meet you
and all I want is to be you
you are my life goal, I want to
be you to the fullest
be-au-ti-fulness, spilled from my insides.
I've never met someone like you
but I knew you are who I'd like to be.
So I created a mission from you
you are the future fruition of me.

Dear next self.