January [14] 2017 - i'll be waiting

I'll be neither here nor there
when the smoke clears.
I'm not one to wait for solutions to problems
trial and error can catapult me though,
I'm not so reliant on your light for my triumph
that I'd stand still waiting for you.
I'll be, head in the clouds with feet on the ground
whenever you decide to find me but
my days of stagnant and deprecating are so far behind me.
So far, behind me is all the
fits of rage and pain that no longer suit me.
Including, "why are you everywhere I'm not" mood swings.
You are two rings
away from voicemail.
And I'm one message short of full.
I've been waiting to be renewed,
now I feel my next self pulling like the moon. 
I'm so overdue,
I can no longer wait for you.