Not all who wander are lost, but
I've been wondering what turn I can make
To take me back to the point where
I took a turn for the worst
Even though it led me here.

Not all who wonder are lost.
I've found possibility in
a mind made up of uncertainty.
Though I'm sure the journey between
half empty and mindful is
a climb full of unstable walls
and the fall in incredible. 

But I'm at a point where
turning around would cost me time
I'm unwilling to waste even for
the sake of comfort and
every step is the destination
plus I'm waiting on the moment
the winds pivot my direction and
send guessing down a new road.


Kimolee Eryn is an artist and writer who believes in creating for a purpose beyond the purpose of creating. She believes that a life should be lived not just to sustain itself but to cultivate peace, love and growth in all adjacent beings and hopes to exemplify that in all she does.