See me x Unique yD.

In the attic at 3am can you see my light shining
Does it blind you
Will you cry 30 gallons of tears when you can't
Do you see me
With my crown as heavy as this pain I carry on my back I dragged 20 years for you
How dare you numb me as you walk by without even saying hi
I know you saw me
At the age of 2
When my mother left
When you kiss me with your eyes closed
Can. You . See . Me
On stage as I speak these words to millions I know you heard me but

I crave you
I'm asking you to love the flaws I cover up with my make up
As I dab and dab and dab
You bounce in and out of my life like the foundation bouncing on my face off of my beauty blender
Do you see
all my emotions pouring out my mouth like vomit with colors of the oceans and the sunsets
No, you left
Do you see me
My attitude must be your interlude
To my blues I cut
On my sleeve for you
But you didn't see me when I bled these tunes for you
you didn't see me when I cried rivers you never swam in
You saw a reflection of you
I will paint the bruised eye you pounded on my face as your heart races when you see me

I see you.

- Unique yD.