I've been.. x Sylvia Stevens

Perfecting Crazy

I've been making my way back

To the person that I was 

Before I sold myself so cheap 

Eyes burning from sea salt

Of the waters wading deep 

Before I pacified myself 

With the shine of the disco ball 

Or swam in full pitchers standing tall 

Chubby cheeked child

Who knew not love had a price 

Before I became so cynical 

And frosted over like ice 

Before I ever melted down

Into a shallow puddle of jealousy 

Envious over past times already set free


I've been stripping down the layers

I thought I needed to survive 

Giving CPR to my passions 

Patiently waiting to come alive 

Chest compressions for my dreams 

That got lost in the hustle and bustle

Exercising my mind...jumping jacks 

Because that shit's a muscle 

Distancing myself...

From things that've been so familiar 

Celebrating the awkward and peculiar 

Looking for clarity in what seems hazy 

Offering no apology for my perfect crazy

- Sylvia Stevens