I've been.. x Harry Rivera

I'VE BEEN trough the shadows of clouded thoughts/
Each breath I take will be evident in my lungs/
Sitting back in lowest part of my house/
Getting high with my foundation,
the nation and whatever else translates through my pen
from the mouth below my brain
who is the true unknown tuner to the frequency
of silenced poets who couldn't dream to speak much sooner./
We built this house with a thousand starts
but finally finished after we tore mysteries apart/
discovery was a false cause,
I'VE BEEN to the beginning of our lost past
and the only thing waiting was the number 9
tattooed across gods hands like sacred stamps.
Demanding respect lost in the hieroglyphics
straight relative to geometry kept sacred/
How could you know where we are going
if you don't know where I've been...

- Harry Rivera