I've been.. x Dianixza Lopez - Pedraza

I've been..

I've been in that dark place
I've been in a live fantasy
How much can I take, 
before I find the one for me?
I go through the motions, holding onto my beliefs.
No sense in holding onto past,
When you're too relieved to grieve.
The past doesn't exist, but it is what made me, me.
I'm grateful I've been in love
Praising our lord above
Thankful that I've been through the jungle.
Survived being in the struggle.
I know there's more to come
but I know I won't give up
I'm a brave girl and I've been that since a cub
There's no looking back
Been there and I've done that
I've been in shackles
I have stories, leave you baffled
Freed myself from destruction
now I'm waiting on husband. 
I've been with a nothing
Give me something worth loving
It's easy to worry
But usually easy to love me
Why window shop if I'm worthy?
I've been dumb before,
But now I know I deserve more. 
Just know I'm waiting at the touchdown,
Hoping you score 

- Dianixza Lopez - Pedraza