Nights like these x Jus Blaze

Nights like this I wish
There was a completely different feel
"Maybe that's her thought.."
Gazing into her galaxy
Lost in her spectacle of gravity, pulling me
And my heart strings
As if it was loose thread in my attire
"We need to talk.."
Deciding to speed things up from a rocky start
Took a shot in the dark
Entirely unaware
The way she cut my supply of air
Before my eyes, attracted to my moon's shine
"What's wrong.."
Hit me harder than shots of moonshine
Witnessed how my star, spangled
Chose to strangle, me
Quickest plot twist
Terrified of any kind of intimacy
While craving it consistently
Her words
Jab, uppercut, left cross
"You not the one I thought you once was"
A slow death, I saw it coming
At a point where I held her the closest
She became distant as a solstice
"I need space.."
While I'm somewhere spaced out
Feeding my addiction
For the same things that broke us in two
Faking the smiles to be authentic to you
Those nights you never plan...

- Jus Blaze