Live and.. x Sylvia Stevens

Free fall 


Live and be free

Free from the molds 

Society says you have to fit 

Free from the search of love

Because baby you are it 

Free from the timeline 

They say you have to match 

Free from codependency 

It's okay not to attach 

Free from the life 

They want you to pursue 

Dance on the table 

And tell them, that's just you

Free from the burn 

That tells you not to forgive

And free from the selfish voice 

That tells not the give 


Live and run wild run

If you desire that pace

Live and just remember 

It's yourself you have to face

Live and embrace your mistakes 

Realize they all served a need

Be impeccable with your words

That way you will be freed 

Regret nothing you've done 

Because what does that solve 

Use those stumbles as lessons 

And reasons to evolve 

Live and be true you yourself 

Don't blame your shortcomings 

On anyone but yourself

- Sylvia Stevens