Fire x Crystal Ashley

I  saw you glowing and I was entranced
by the way your flames danced,
you were so beautiful to me.
I moved in closer hoping to feel your warmth,
yearning for your energy to inflate mine,
wishing that I had that spark like you.
I had no idea you were so dangerous for me.
I breathed in your smoke,
Filling my lungs with your fumes, 
Loving how it felt,
Mesmerized by your hues,
Brights reds, yellows, orange and blue.
I was drawn even closer to you. 
Without realizing,
I was enveloped in your plumes.
And then the beauty of you
turned into a pain I never knew.
Panic singed my core. 
I tried to back out,
but the way you set me on fire,
Kept me coming back for more.
The smoke kept lifting me higher,
as your cackles turned to roars.
I thought your light would brighten my days,
But instead you set my soul a blaze.
My better judgement must have gotten lost in the haze. 
I tried to put you out
but you only combusted with rage.
I knew I couldn't stay.
So I bowed my head and prayed. 
"Dear Lord,
Help me find the strength in me,
I can't let myself incinerate!
No, not today.
Not this way
I refuse to let this seal my fate."
Then from the ashes, I sifted,
My flames burning hotter than yours did.
A new passion was ignited.
I knew I had to fight this.
I smoldered the melted pieces of my heart until there was nothing left.
It's funny how the blistering burns
can leave you feeling blessed.

- Crystal Ashley