Yesterday's sins x Jus Blaze

Before entering the home
In reach of the happy ending
Shots of something smooth, nude interludes
I could feel it
The door would open
Not jus to the residence
But common demons I wrestle with
The blood, warm, running to nourish the muscle & tissue
No rush, intending to examine
Every inch of that colored skin
Every shade of that body parade
Conversing with every curve
Full control of your thick
In tune with both sets of lips
Each unique taste enhances my pallet
One for small talk, one for the lecture
Moving over those areolas
Each side hangs well, comfort in my palms
Room temperature change from winter cold
You crave relief, mentioning back problems
That's a given, since your heart's heavy
Your reality, how you allow me to be privy
On schedule, our minds, focus, drifted
You from the abuse, physical & mental
Bruise after bruise from him
As I box out the hunger for a woman's touch, for more than once
Daily, stability, creativity, intellect, elegant aura
To have a thirst quenched by your juices
Some fountain like, some streamline
Each time, transitions so fluid
From fantasy to forgiveness
In between every thrust.. moan.. mention
To inflate my ego
Before I go, not knowing your next fight may be for your life
A shame how he can debate your death date
Through faintly opened curtains, sunlight
Slogans exchanged... “I'll call you...” “We are soulma..” “I lov..”
Lies are retained as we part ways
Gaining composure, three houses away, turn the corner
The officer pulls up, to the same residence
I spent hours forfeiting to demons I wrestle with
Tips his hat to his wife, then kissed her
Before entering the home...

- Jus Blaze