Feel Good x Jus Blaze

Feeling like I'm so far from so much more
Feel like the first fight in front of the war
These are wombs from a war within
The first knock on opportunity's door
Feels like the fresh air never inhaled before
Feel like everyone still feel the same
Fill with everything, refills to entertain
Still no one is feeling the pain
Or no one feels strong enough to speak up
Feel we need to elevate
Steps forward, currently can't back what you celebrate
Commitment to common shouldn't cut the cake
Feel like we need a break
Been taking strides in a journey that you don't know the amount of effort it takes Staking up short ended sticks
Sleeping with a broken heart
Waking up at peace with the pieces
Feel for you while I feel like the feelings have changed
Whispers in a loud crowd, can't feel the exchange
Feel like I found the perfect one
She hasn't been lost
And I'm so far from perfect, won't speak on the distance
Feel like we have all the time in the world
While I feel ticking, death to another minute
Feel like family hasn't been relative
Apparently the dynamic is a scarcity
Feel like I'm getting the best advice from a complacent mind
Some better feelings I'm praying to replace with mine
Feeling a lot of things in order to feel numb
To feel normal would feel good...

— Jus Blaze