It’s my last morning in New Orleans. I shower one last time in the Tricou street Air BnB that has been home for the past few days. I turned the knob so that the water would pour through the bottom faucet rather than the shower head but water still dropped from the top. I instinctively cupped my hands together to catch the water and despite how long I held my position, my hands never filled. It came to me almost immediately, the similarities between the blessings God showers down on us are more like drips of water than an outpouring. 

The reason we don’t feel like we’re being blessed is because there are holes in our vessels. Pour water into your hands and it will inevitably slip through the spaces of your fingers. God wants to mend the holes in your life so that when he sends your blessings to you, you’ll be whole enough that they won’t slip through your fingers. 

—8:09 AM in Nola

Kimolee ErynComment