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dream scheme

Kimolee ErynComment

I don't know what it was like for other kids my age at the time, but I didn't anticipate what my future life would be like, as a child.  I didn't want for myself anything more than what I heard I could have and that was limited to my parents' experiences.  

"You can do anything you put your mind to" meant nothing to me.  But I found myself stepping outside of my comfort zones, even though in those moments, I didn't know that was what it was called.  From joining my middle school girls basketball team to the numerous open mic events I'd go to and prematurely read my thoughts in front others.  I never felt ready for any of it but I always wanted to try anyway.

Exploring minor interests, cultivating hobbies and "taking the plunge" when opportunity knocked has placed me in a lane I never imagined existed, as a teenager. Each and every time I took a step outside of my comfort zone, my world would shift a little more. Dabbling in new art forms showed me that I'm capable of creating beautiful things I never knew I could. Going on trips with college friends opened up my appetite for traveling beyond routine family vacations and each new place I visit gives me a taste of different things life has to offer just as each new poem I write, and each new piece I paint shows me what the contents of my heart look and sound like. 

It was already hard, being as indecisive as I naturally am. It's even harder now to pick a dream scheme for my life - from deciding on which city/ state/ country I want to live in next to knowing exactly who I want to be... it all changes, it evolves constantly.  The moment you see how in reach something is that you never thought possible for yourself, your whole perspective changes.

I'm learning that it's not as important to have one definitive big picture goal as it is to keep your dreams alive - and that, I"ve learned, you do by exploring your interests, cultivating your hobbies and "taking the plunge" when opportunity knocks. 

Kimolee Eryn is an artist and writer who believes in creating for a purpose beyond the purpose of creating. She believes that a life should be lived not just to sustain itself but to cultivate peace, love and growth in all adjacent beings and hopes to exemplify that in all she does.