Love and Let Go

I've found myself trying to rekindle friendships from years past because of nostalgia, only to realize that it will never be the same. People I once loved up close, I'm learning to love from the greatest distance - disconnect.  Not because the love isn't still there, but because it can't be how it once was.  It's like watching episodes of your favorite shows as a child, then watching them as an adult. The original fascination is real, the memories of that fascination is beautiful, but, have you ever seen one of your favorite shows revamped and brought back to television? It doesn't feel the same does it? 

It used to hurt, losing people - more so, losing them for the second, third and fourth time. These days, I'm learning open arms and open palms, loving and letting go.  I took a firm stance on not having people waltz in and out of my life, but when it comes to people I love - people who I've grown apart from for no reason other than time and distance - I'm becoming more okay with an open door policy. 

Love and Let Go 2016

Xo, Eryn.

Kimolee Eryn is an artist and writer who believes in creating for a purpose beyond the purpose of creating. She believes that a life should be lived not just to sustain itself but to cultivate peace, love and growth in all adjacent beings and hopes to exemplify that in all she does.