Kimolee ErynComment


Kimolee ErynComment

Knowing where you've been, where you are how long it took to get there and where you want to be should nullify every negative outside opinion. 

Be proud of your own progress.
You'll die in your tracks waiting for praise from those who "should" notice your growth. 

How can you pause your life waiting for verification from another lost and imperfect
soul? Especially if they aren't where you want to be. 

And even if they are where you'd like to be they probably didn't come from the same abyss that you climbed out of.
Find your own path.

You'll have no one to legitimately blame for your failure. Fight the resistance, even if that resistance is you. 

-The Resistance; K.E

Kimolee Eryn is an artist and writer who believes in creating for a purpose beyond the purpose of creating. She believes that a life should be lived not just to sustain itself but to cultivate peace, love and growth in all adjacent beings and hopes to exemplify that in all she does.