Far too often, we women, get lost in unhealthy relationship.  We either cause or allow ourselves to feel inadequate and as a result, we treat each other with hostility for fear of the competition another female might present.  We allow ourselves to attack other women, assassinating the character of ladies we don't even know, all for the sake of maintaining what hasn't proven to be good for us from the start. The only thing worse than a false sense of security is a false sense of insecurity.  It is up to us to decide that negative relationships won't define us and cause us to develop hatred for each other.  We all have similar stories, we all feel some of the same things so before you allow your insecurities to cause you to slander another woman, try taking a walk in her shoes. 

Peace to compassion,

Xo, K.E

Kimolee Eryn is an artist and writer who believes in creating for a purpose beyond the purpose of creating. She believes that a life should be lived not just to sustain itself but to cultivate peace, love and growth in all adjacent beings and hopes to exemplify that in all she does.