Prioritizing Wellness

I’m in a delicate space as it pertains to food and health. To be honest, I’ve always been, I just didn’t always know it. Growing up I had a plethora of vitamin deficiencies and enzyme malfunctions that made eating my favorite foods catastrophic for my energy, my digestion and my skin.

It wasn’t an easy fix. There were days I had to choose between buying groceries, vitamins and skin care items or paying bills and that was never an easy choice. Pay bills, sure, but feeling healthy and confident enough to get out there and do the work suffered when I chose to just pay bills.

Wellness is important.

I had many moments when I’d feel guilty for using hard earned cash to buy things like jojoba oil, rose water toner and vitamin e for my skin care regimen when my light bill was coming due. I’d lament over a gym membership when I knew that money could be used for the gas bill — but I felt more inspired to go to work when I felt fit and fed with flourishing skin.

Mix it all together…

I decided to factor it all in. Changing the way I felt about maintenance allowed me to add it to my list of necessities that I needed to budget for. It was important enough for the emphasis I initially tried to place on it and so I had to find a way to follow through.

I’ve been at this for some time. Looking for cost effective ways to be my best self in full — in everything from DIY to bite the bullet and buy. I’ve gotten more comfortable with the process and now I want to share some of those findings in everything from skin care to workout routines.

I hope you find whatever you’re looking for!

xO, Eryn

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