Writing a book?

Here are some program options for aspiring authors who have a general idea of their concept but have trouble moving past the desire to begin. Bring me your ideas and let me help you put them into words.



Premium pACKAGE - $450

  • 6 month program
  • Pre-write (Outline)
    -developing premise
    -identifying subcategories
  • Writing
    -developing chapter content
  • Revision
    -clean up language
    -clarify transitions
  • Editing
    -basic spelling and punctuation edits

BAsic PACKAGE - $200

  • 3 month program 
  • Pre-Write (Outline)
    -developing premise
    -identifying subcategories                    
  • Revision (Basic)


    *After your 3-month or 6-month program, you can schedule hourly sessions for follow-up if necessary.


    Appointments are set per your availability. Phone conferences and e-mail correspondence will be utilized but in-person sessions are highly recommended. To maximize your time, I advise clients to have some idea of what they want to cover in each session. Expressing questions and concerns is encouraged. 


    A deposit of 50% of your total must be paid prior to beginning. The remaining balance will be invoiced approximately half-way through your scheduled sessions. If you choose to cancel your sessions prior to the second half, no invoice will be sent. However, no refund will be given after the sessions have begun.